welcome to monkeywonderland!

Behold our quirky collection of unconventional sock monkeys. The appropriate gift for anyone who enjoys the offbeat! These creatures are sure to bring a smirk to the face or giggle to the heart of any recipient.

Each sock monkey is made by hand and stuffed with raw, unbleached cotton. These curious primates are sure to delight anyone’s appetite for the unique and unusual.

developing these quirky primates...

Inspired by the monkey business & high jinks of my grade-school-age son, Hank, the sock monkey was our first joint sewing project. Hank's monkey "Frank" has been his favorite ever since.

Seeing no reason to limit the monkey pallet to the standard brown & red, I've ventured into patterns as well as unique & often times vintage embellishments.

These soft sculptures may contain small parts (buttons, embellishments, etc.) and are not intended as toys for children under 4 - or anyone with a chewing habit. Thank You!

Here's hoping you find as much enjoyment in these creatures as we do!

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