a problem lifting things.



My kid, who just turned 11, has a problem lifting things…things like the LID or the SEAT of the toilet.

Things that matter to girls. (some girls anyhow)

I’m not sure if it’s laziness or possibly that he is distracted by the billions of other MORE IMPORTANT things that might be zipping through his noggin.

Things like—what to add to his last minute Christmas list or next year’s Halloween costume (he’s designing a Mexican wrestler’s mask exactly NOW) or how he can torture our 3 dogs or how he can work on the last nerve in my body.

Stuff like that.

Stuff like THAT might be zipping through his noggin but then again it is entirely possible it’s laziness.

Either way, these facts I DO KNOW:

I don’t have a maid.

I can’t tell him “your mother doesn’t live here & she’s not cleaning up after you”.

I loathe cleaning toilets when I HAVE TO and  I certainly don’t want to clean them EVERY DARN day.

…enter this little sign.

I am HOPING this subtle reminder will be my saving grace.

At least it should cut down on my monthly expenditure of  Scotch Brite disposable toilet scrubbers -but we’ll have to see about that.



2 Responses to “a problem lifting things.”

  1. Tamera Says:

    Is it working???:))

  2. Tamera Says:

    Love the bathroom color by the way…LOL it looks line the Pantone pink for 2011 just a shade lighter.

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