the Thanksgiving ham.

Nope, that’s NOT what we had for dinner.   We ate the gobbling bird, like many folks.   But regardless of what we put in the oven, there was indeed a ham in the kitchen.   This is the ham.    Man-oh-man what a ham.  Perhaps he has a future in food tv.    Need I say more?

*ham: an actor who performs with showy exaggeration.

2 Responses to “the Thanksgiving ham.”

  1. Lori Says:

    Are you sure you didn’t have Ham and CHEESE??? I definitely detect something really CHEESY in these pics!!! oh Hi HANK!!! lovin it!!!

  2. Nancy Says:

    YEP! the next “Food Network STAR” or maybe an actor.
    He is sure a ‘perfect’ little man!
    Where is the mustache?

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